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Anticipation Stage Planning

Anticipation Stage Planning The process of preparing for a predictable financial and life changing event By Joan M Gagnon, Senior Wealth Consultant, Genesis Wealth Advisors, LLC September 28, 2014 We have all heard stories about how a significant change in personal finances seems to change just about everything else in our lives. Expected or not, […]

Financial DNA®

Everyone has his or her own unique Financial DNA® .  The way you handle money, and your financial goals for the future, is your own.  No one does things exactly the same way, and no one else thinks exactly the same way, that you do.  So why should you settle for a financial plan that tries to fit you into a pre-determined profile?

You deserve a financial road map that charts your own unique course.  Financial DNA® starts by evaluating your money personality and helping you understand yourself. Using cutting-edge technology, Financial DNA® combines psychological and financial behavior.  Rather than trying to fit you into a pre-set plan, Financial DNA® helps you tailor a wealth management plan that reflects your individuality.

When you understand yourself, and your relationship with money, you are more likely to stick with a plan.  Instead of trying to conform to someone else’s strategy, we provide you with the tools you need to create an approach that you can stick with.

Financial DNA® will match you with an advisor who can work with you to build a financial future that looks like you.  After evaluating your money psychology and your financial behaviors, as well as aiding you as you define your objectives, you will develop a course of action most likely to help you live your best life.  Our professionals are committed to integrating your goals into your life, and providing financial mentoring services that can help you grow your wealth.

Learn about your Financial DNA, and use that knowledge to your advantage.  Our wealth mentors and advisors can aid you on your journey to a successful financial future.

Call 1-800-245-7526 or email us at, simply provide us your full name and email address and we’ll send you a link to the Financial DNA® questionnaire along with a username and password.


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